Motion: Edinburgh International Film Festival

Edinburgh International Film Festival
That the Parliament understands that the Edinburgh International Film Festival commences on 20 June 2012 and runs until 1 July; congratulates the festival on reaching its 66th year; notes the diversity of films from both new and established talents being screened; welcomes the European premiere of Disney/Pixar’s Brave, a fantasy adventure movie set in mediaeval Scotland and featuring Scottish actors such as Kelly Macdonald and Kevin McKidd, taking place on 30 June; appreciates the benefits that the festival brings culturally by using talent development programmes and interaction with local schools to build experience and interest in careers in film, and considers the festival to be a staple in the Scottish cultural calendar that draws positive international attention and an event that deserves its international plaudits.

Supported by: Liam McArthur, Joan McAlpine, John Finnie, Gordon MacDonald, David Torrance, Kenneth Gibson, Annabelle Ewing, Colin Beattie, Adam Ingram, Rob Gibson, Margaret Burgess, Nanette Milne, Tavish Scott, Roderick Campbell, Bill Kidd, Humza Yousaf, Patricia Ferguson, Jamie McGrigor, Sandra White, John Mason, Maureen Watt, Richard Lyle, Fiona McLeod, Gil Paterson, Mike MacKenzie, Jim Eadie, Aileen McLeod, Colin Keir, Joe FitzPatrick, Willie Coffey, Richard Simpson, Dennis Robertson, Angus MacDonald, Marco Biagi, Paul Wheelhouse, Chic Brodie, Kevin Stewart, Nigel Don, Jamie Hepburn, Rhoda Grant, Stewart Maxwell