Press Release: Jean Urquhart Welcomes Continued Investment in UHI (June 27th)

Jean Urquhart MSP has described the announcement by Cabinet Secretary for Finance John Swinney of £100 million of nationwide capital investment, which includes significant funding for the Highlands and Islands, as a demonstration of the Scottish Government’s economic competency.

Ms Urquhart, one of three region-wide SNP MSPs and a former member of the board of the University of the Highlands and Islands, particularly welcomed the confirmation of a £6 million investment in its Inverness campus.

Commenting, Ms Urquhart said:

“As a Member of the Parliament’s Education and Culture Committee and a supporter of the establishment of the University of the Highlands and Islands, I was certainly pleased at the £6 million boost to the Inverness campus, as well as the £1.5 million infrastructure funding for West Highland College in Fort William.

“This funding has demonstrated the commitment of the Scottish Government to institutions both old and new, and at a time of economic difficulty is very welcome.

“Despite Westminster’s cuts continuing to harm communities across the Highlands and Islands, the Cabinet Secretary’s sound management of Scotland’s budget has created the conditions for additional investment where it is most needed.

 “This programme of investment further shows that Scotland will only function at its best when it has all the economic levers for investment under its own control.”