Press Release: Jean Urquhart Welcomes Lower Student Debt Levels (June 21st)

Highlands and Islands MSP Jean Urquhart has welcomed statistics that reveal Scottish student loan debts are the lowest in the UK.

Figures from the Students Loan showed the average Scottish student loan debt was £6,480 compared to £17,140 in England, £13,650 in Wales and £15,880 in Northern Ireland.

Commenting, Ms Urquhart said:

“As a Member of the Education and Culture Committee, I was pleased to see Scotland’s policy of free education helping to keep student debt levels in Scotland comparatively low.

 “This is just one of many indicators of the benefits of decisions for Scotland being taken by Scotland, rather than distant patricians at Westminster.

“The SNP will strive to ensure that we can offer our young people the best possible package of student support, and will never put a price on our young people’s education.”