Press Release: Jean Urquhart Welcomes Super-Fast Broadband (June 27th)

Jean Urquhart MSP welcomed the announcement by Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure and Capital Investment Alex Neil of a £120 million investment aimed at improving broadband connectivity across the Highlands and Islands.

Coming from a £250 million Scotland-wide fund for improving broadband, the investment will enable Highlands and Islands Enterprise, in conjunction with BT, to roll out a programme of modernisation across the region. The investment will form part of Scotland’s Digital Future Infrastructure Action Plan, which aims to deliver world-class digital connectivity by 2020.

Commenting on this welcome injection of cash, Ms Urquhart said:

“The Internet has revolutionised our world, bringing communities closer together and enabling those in rural or remote locations to access the same information and services as those in urban surroundings.

“Education provision, health care services and businesses across the region will all benefit from this announcement, as will families with loved ones across the globe.

“Access to superfast broadband should not be restricted by geography, and I am delighted that, by directing this cash towards the Highlands and Islands, the Scottish Government is continuing to recognise the specific needs of local communities for Internet services that are as fast and reliable as they are in other parts of the country.”