Jean Urquhart MSP has hosted an evening reception at the Scottish Parliament in celebration of the 75th Anniversary of Newbattle Abbey College.The event was held at Holyrood on Tuesday 25th September and was attended by over one hundred people including education representatives from across Scotland.

The reception was held as part of Newbattle Abbey College’s year of celebrations surrounding its 75th Anniversary as Scotland’s only adult education residential college.

Jean Urquhart MSP, a former Newbattle Abbey College student herself who sponsored the event, said: “What a privilege to sponsor the 75th Anniversary of Newbattle Abbey College in the Scottish Parliament.

“I was a student in 2000/01, and like most of my fellow students I was at a cross-road in my life and wondering what to do next. Sero Sed Serio (late but in earnest) the college motto, seemed to fit with all of the students – a second chance at learning and a second chance at life. 

“There will always be a place for the different educational experience that NewbattleAbbeyCollege can offer and may it go on changing lives for years to come.

“I hope that this 75th Anniversary will help to remind everyone that this is a college that serves all of Scotland.”