Motion: S4M-08432: Expansion of Woodfuel on Mull

I lodged another motion on Wednesday 27th November, and this was following the announcement of a deal for North West Mull Community Woodland Company Limited to buy Crannich Woodfuel.

That the Parliament welcomes the purchase by North West Mull Community Woodland Company Limited (NWMCWC) of the island-based woodchip supplier, Crannich Woodfuel; understands that this will allow NWMCWC to continue the expansion of its woodfuel business and that Crannich Woodfuel will trade under the new name, Island Woodfuels; notes that Island Woodfuels will sell woodchip as well as logs and kindling and that the business will now be large enough to employ a new member of staff; understands that the primary benefit of the purchase will be the ability of NWMCWC, which owns and manages over 1,500 acres of woodland in north-west Mull, to ensure the long-term security of woodfuel supply for customers, and further understands that the founder of Crannich Woodfuel, Robin Sedgwick, has said that the move will help create local jobs and ensure a sustainable local fuel supply for existing customers and for those who may invest in a biomass boiler in the future on Mull, Iona and beyond.