Events: Climate Challenge Fund Information Events in Lerwick and Kirkwall

Next week, the Climate Challenge Fund team will visit both Lerwick and Kirkwall to discuss how CCF grants can help fund community projects looking to reduce their carbon footprint. So far, the CCF has helped to fund projects that provide energy efficiency advice, the promotion of reducing, reusing and recycling and lower carbon transport, with £44.7 million awarded to 399 different community groups.

The Kirkwall event will take place at the St Magnus Centre on February 7th between 11am-3pm and 6pm-8pm, and the Lerwick event will be held at the Museum and Archives Centre on February 5th from 11am-3pm and 6pm-8pm. The event is free, and any group or individual can drop in. For more information, please visit the CCF events page:

Event: Jean Urquhart MSP to Chair Festival of Politics Event

Scottish poets George Gunn, Aonghas MacNeacail and Janet Paisley will take part in a debate on the place of poetry in politics at this year’s Festival of Politics. This year’s festival includes a four-day programme of politics, music, art, theatre, literature and debate. The session, titled “What Place for Poetry in Politics?”, will be an opportunity to debate with some of Scotland’s most highly respected writers and poets, with the discussion focusing particularly on the place of poetry in contemporary politics, if it matters in today’s society and the impact of political poetry on influencing change.

Jean Urquhart, MSP for the Highlands and Islands region, will chair the session, she said:

“Writers and poets have always played an important part in recording our history and folk probably don’t always acknowledge that. 

“A good example for the Scottish Parliament of course, was when Sheena Wellington sang, ‘A Man’s A Man’, Burns famous poem, at the official opening in 1999.  

“But where stands the poet today?  Are they revolutionaries?  Can they influence us, should they influence us? 

“A welcome awaits those who will come along, listen to and chew the fat with three of Scotland’s fine poets who have a great deal to say on the subject.”

The session, ‘What Place for Poetry in Politics’ will take place on 25 August at 15.30-16.30 in the Scottish Parliament and is free of charge.

Event: What Place for Poetry in Politics?”

Jean will be chairing an event at the Scottish Parliament’s Festival of Politics on August 25th. Called “What Place for Poetry in Politics?”, Jean will discuss the role played by poetry in shaping politics with leading Scottish poets and cultural figures Aonghas MacNeacail, Janet Paisley and George Gunn. For tickets and more information, please visit: