How to Use This Website

At the right hand side of Jean’s “Home” page, there are several handy tools that will help you navigate around the website.

You can access all of Jean’s parliamentary motions, questions and speeches, as well as press releases and photos of events, by clicking on the relevant category in the “Categories” section.

There is also a search box underneath the categories if you wish to search for certain topics, a facility also offered by the “tag cloud” near the bottom right which shows the words and phrases most associated with Jean’s work. The archive facility underneath the search box also allow you to view Jean’s posts for any given month.

If you wish to search more precisely, the calendar displays days on which new material has been uploaded to the website, and you can also click through to Jean’s Twitter feed, which contains links to her most recent work and other information.

The other two pages, About Jean and Contact Jean, contain biographical details and contact details respectively.

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