Motion: Faroese Withdrawal from Herring International Management Plan

Motion S4M-05462: Jean Urquhart, Highlands and Islands, Independent, Date Lodged: 24/01/2013

Faroese Withdrawal from Herring International Management Plan
That the Parliament expresses its concern at the Faroe Islands’ withdrawal from international sharing arrangements for the Atlanto-Scandian herring stock; understands that this withdrawal will result in the Faroe Islands setting its own unilateral quota for the species and that the Faroe Islands has previously withdrawn from international stock management plans for mackerel, which has since led to mackerel being removed by the Marine Conservation Society from its list of fish suitable to eat; considers the future of sustainable fisheries to lie in internationally agreed stock management plans and not in unilateral action, and supports the calls of the Scottish fishing industry, which continues to fish sustainably, for sanctions to be imposed unless all concerned parties can reach an agreed management plan.

Motion: Scottish Pelagic Sustainability Group’s Seafood Champion Nomination

Date of Lodging: 24 July 2012

Short Title: Scottish Pelagic Sustainability Group’s Seafood Champion Nomination

S4M-03699 Jean Urquhart () (Scottish National Party): That the Parliament congratulates the Scottish Pelagic Sustainability Group on being shortlisted for the Seafood Champion Awards in Hong Kong; understands that the group is one of 15 finalists and that the winner will be announced on 7 September 2012; considers this nomination to be a recognition of the dedication of the Scottish fishing industry to sustainable fishing practices; recognises the importance of fishing to the Scottish economy, particularly to Shetland, where the industry is a major employer and component of the local economy; believes that continued reform of the common fisheries policy is essential for the industry to continue to play this role, and wishes the group success in the future.

Oral Question on the Shetland Box (June 14th)

Jean Urquhart:

During last week’s debate on reform of the common fisheries policy, I raised the issue of the Shetland box, the retention of which has not been explicitly confirmed by the European Commission in its reform package. Does the minister know whether the Shetland box is to be retained? If it is not, will the minister support its retention?


Richard Lochhead:

There has been no decision yet on the future of the Shetland box and that was not one of the key issues discussed at the negotiations. As members can imagine, that was due to the fact that this week‟s negotiations were on the general approach to the reform process. Many of the individual measures within the regulations will be negotiated in the future. We have, however, asked the European Commission why the Shetland box was missing from the draft regulations that it published, and we await an answer from the Commission.