Press Release: Local MSP Visits Unique Island (July 25th)

Jean Urquhart MSP visited Fair Isle during her latest constituency trip to Shetland, taking the opportunity to experience one of the region’s smallest and most unique communities.

The local MSP discussed topics such as marine conservation, community enterprise and travel provision for the island.

An added bonus was enjoying “Fair Isle Thursday”, when local folk and visitors come together at the famed Bird Observatory for a ceilidh.   

Commenting on her trip, Jean Urquhart said:

“It was a privilege to have the opportunity to visit one of Scotland’s smallest and most vibrant communities.

“Those who live on Fair Isle really pull together as a community, with many residents performing various jobs on the island and so contributing to everyone’s wellbeing.

 “Of course, Fair Isle’s geography is both a blessing and a challenge, with its environment attracting a unique blend of wildlife which in turn attracts tourists from across the globe.

“We must do all that we can to ensure that conservation efforts which are unanimously supported by those who live on Fair Isle, maintain the bird population for  a stable economy and future generations to enjoy.

“Access to and from the island is vital to sustain the population and attract visitors not only from Shetland mainland, but from the rest of the world too.”


Press Release: Highlands and Islands MSP Welcomes Birth of Puffin Chick (June 19th)

Highlands and Islands MSP Jean Urquhart today hailed the birth of a puffin chick live on camera at RPSB Sumburgh Head Reserve for highlighting the diversity of Shetland’s wildlife.

The new chick hatched at 15:36pm on Tuesday 12th June, five and a half hours after a hole appeared in the egg. During this time, the imminent birth of the puffin chick was picked up on Twitter, resulting in 5,000 people worldwide tuning into “Puffincam”,  part of the ‘Date With Nature’ project ran between RSPB Scotland and Promote Shetland, to watch.

Commenting on the publicity given to the birth, Jean Urquhart said:

“The interactive approach taken by RSPB Scotland and Promote Shetland to promoting Shetland’s wildlife across the world is very welcome. By broadcasting the birth of the puffin chick online and utilising social media, a global audience was able to appreciate the variety of wildlife that thrives on the Shetland Islands.

“Hopefully, projects such as Puffincam and Cliffcam, which provides views of the other seabird colonies present on the Shetland Islands such as fulmars and guillemots, will encourage even more visitors to one of Scotland’s most unique visitor destinations.”