Written Question: Foreign Language Teaching

To ask the Scottish Executive what plans it has to help local authorities deliver foreign language teaching as part of the Curriculum for Excellence.

Answered by Alasdair Allan (28/06/2012): The Scottish Government is committed to improving language learning in Scotland and welcomes the far-sighted and ambitious Languages Working Group Report published on 17 May, Language Learning in Scotland: A 1+2 Approach. The report’s headline recommendation on a much earlier start to learning another language is particularly welcome. Work will now be taken forward on a pilot project programme in the 2012-13 school year to demonstrate how the 1+2 model can best be implemented within Curriculum for Excellence. Ministers will respond formally to the report’s 35 recommendations in the autumn, including those covering how local authorities can best deliver language learning, promote language teaching as a career, coordinate primary and secondary language teaching and use cultural organisations and language communities in schools. The Government is also committed to getting the most from the Foreign Language Assistant Programme in Scotland and is funding British Council Scotland to promote the value of language assistants to local authorities who are responsible for employing them in their schools.
Current Status: Answered by Alasdair Allan on 28/06/2012

Motion: Scottish Council on Archives’ National Plan

Scottish Council on Archives’ National Plan
That the Parliament notes the publication of the Scottish Council on Archives’ Many Stories, One Scotland report; understands that the report is a national plan for learning and makes the case for harnessing archives to meet the needs of education; acknowledges the engagement of the council with the opportunities afforded by the Curriculum for Excellence for enhancing the use of archives; considers that archives already play a strong role in supporting learning across Scotland; welcomes the pilot project mentioned in the report that will focus on working with primary and secondary schools in areas of urban and rural social disadvantage to open them up to the use of archives; believes that the use of archives has the potential to enhance learning in all areas of the Curriculum for Excellence, and looks forward to more organisations making proactive proposals for involvement in assisting schools.

Supported by: John Finnie, Graeme Dey, Annabelle Ewing, Sandra White, Margaret Burgess, Rob Gibson, Dennis Robertson, Bill Kidd, Kenneth Gibson, Joan McAlpine, Bill Walker, Kevin Stewart, Fiona McLeod, Joe FitzPatrick, Mike MacKenzie, Rhoda Grant, Drew Smith, Angus MacDonald, Roderick Campbell, David Torrance, Hugh Henry, Stewart Maxwell, Alison Johnstone