Remembering John Farquhar Munro

John Farquhar MunroI was sad to hear of the death over the weekend of John Farquhar Munro, who was a crofter, a Highland councillor, and Liberal Democrat MSP for Ross, Skye and Inverness West from the start of the Scottish Parliament in 1999 until the 2011 election.

I enjoyed a craic with John every now and again in the best Highland tradition. Political discussion, general updates on gossip and local news, and questions put with that famous twinkle in his eye – JFM was a wily politician with a great sense of humour. He knew fine what he was doing when he endorsed Alex Salmond for First Minister and cared not for how unpopular it made him with his party – and he was right. He was a kenspeckle figure across the Highlands and we will remember him.

— Jean