Plockton Railway Station Plaque Unveiling

On April 26th, I was privileged to unveil a plaque at Plockton Railway Station to recognise a unique partnership initiative which has driven down anti-social behaviour.

Following complaints of low-level anti-social behaviour at the station by pupils from the neighbouring high school, it was felt the best way to encourage a feeling of responsibility and ownership was by bringing together a collaborative committee of those affected.

As a result incidents have been reduced considerably and the committee, which is made up entirely of pupils, has now gone one step further and adopted the ScotRail station. They now play a part in the station’s upkeep such as maintaining poster boards, planters and picking up litter.


Plockton & Kyleakin 26.04.13 003 Plockton & Kyleakin 26.04.13 005 Plockton & Kyleakin 26.04.13 006 Plockton & Kyleakin 26.04.13 009 Plockton & Kyleakin 26.04.13 013 Plockton & Kyleakin 26.04.13 025 Plockton & Kyleakin 26.04.13 026 Plockton & Kyleakin 26.04.13 031 Plockton & Kyleakin 26.04.13 035 Plockton & Kyleakin 26.04.13 038 Plockton & Kyleakin 26.04.13 039 Plockton plaque unveiling

Motion: Crofting Connections

Motion S4M-05423: Jean Urquhart, Highlands and Islands, Independent, Date Lodged: 21/01/2013

Crofting Connections
That the Parliament notes the launch of Crofting Connections 2013-15 at Plockton High School on 18 January 2013; understands that Crofting Connections is a project designed to educate people aged 5 to 16 in remote, rural communities about crofting; further understands that phase one of Crofting Connections, which ran from 2009 to 2012, educated over 2,500 pupils from 59 schools across the Highlands and Islands; believes that, with the average crofter over the age of 55, it is vital for the sector to encourage young people to consider the crofting lifestyle; considers the continuation of crofting to be pivotal for the economic, cultural and agricultural future of the Highlands and Islands, and wishes all of those who continue to contribute to its success all the best for phase two of the project.