Title: ♦ The Role of University Rectors and Gender Imbalance

Title: ♦ The Role of University Rectors and Gender Imbalance

Motion Text:
That the Parliament notes the existence of the office of rector in Scotland’s five ancient universities; understands that elections to this office take place every three years, allowing all undergraduate students the opportunity to vote for their rector at least once during their studies; considers the ability to nominate figures of national and international renown as the figurehead of the university to be an opportunity for students to demonstrate solidarity with social and political causes; believes that the nomination and successful campaigns of the anti-apartheid campaigner, Winnie Mandela, the trade unionist, Jimmy Reid, and the Israeli whistleblower, Mordechai Vanunu, by the University of Glasgow demonstrate a strong political tradition that continues to this day with the nomination of Edward Snowden for the same post; notes with disappointment the current and historic gender imbalance among university rectors; understands that all five university rectors in position are male and that each of the five ancient universities has only had one female rector in their respective histories; notes with concern that none of the four nominees for the position at the University of Glasgow is female; believes that there are innumerable inspirational female figures who would serve as role models to female students; would welcome an increase in the number of women who stand as candidates in future contests, and notes calls for universities to investigate what can be done to redress this gender imbalance.