Motion: Shetland’s Message in a Bottle

Motion S4M-03953: Jean Urquhart, Highlands and Islands, Scottish National Party, Date Lodged: 31/08/2012

Shetland’s Message in a Bottle

That the Parliament congratulates Scottish skipper, Andrew Leaper, on setting a new world record after discovering a message in a bottle that was released 98 years ago; notes that this beats the previous record, held by Mark Anderson, by five years; understands that Mr Leaper discovered the bottle while skippering the Shetland-based vessel, Copious, which had discovered the previous record-holding bottle; notes that the recovered bottle was part of a 1,890-strong batch of bottles released in 1914 to help map Scotland’s sea currents, of which only 315 have been retrieved; considers the find to be of historic and scientific interest, and welcomes both the bottle and Mr Leaper’s world record certificate, being donated to the Fetlar Interpretative Centre in Shetland for future generations to experience.

Motion: Discovery of the Higgs Boson (July 9th)

Short Title: Discovery of the Higgs Boson

S4M-03594 Jean Urquhart () (Scottish National Party): That the Parliament congratulates the scientists working at the Large Hadron Collider on discovering what appears to be the Higgs Boson, also known as the God particle; acknowledges the huge significance of this discovery for particle physics and an understanding of the universe; notes that the Higgs Boson was first proposed in 1964 by six scientists, including the Edinburgh-based theoretician, Peter Higgs; understands that this Scottish connection to the discovery is complemented by the collaboration in the project of scientists from Edinburgh and Glasgow universities; believes that this discovery justifies a continuing investment in the science and technology sectors, and hopes that the project will continue to inform people’s understanding of the world.